The Talented, Tenacious, and Trusting… Teacher

I’ve been thinking about words that begin with “T”…

Talent, Tenacity, Trust, Teacher

There is a lot to admire about all of these words.  As I reflect on these traits, I realize that they are the very ones I think of most when I admire the friends and professional mentors that I’ve had.


Teachers are talented!  I have a hard time practicing restraint when someone degrades teachers as “those that can’t… teach”.  As a master learner (teacher), I learn from everyone.  Including the ignorant jerk that regurgitates such idiotic sentiment as that.  My wife is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. She is an accomplished artist, massage therapist, animal tamer, and can read a person’s emotions and thoughts like they are printed on their forehead, and I have learned so much from her in the years since she insisted “I’ll never teach again”. A teacher finds the talent in everyone and nurtures it.


A good learner will learn because the content is presented to them and they want to solve problems with the content.  A master learner, learns because they are determined to learn from every experience and will continue to have experiences, in spite of failure, and always seek more experiences.


A great teacher will trust.  Students will test a teacher’s trust. But they will also appreciate it and respect the teacher more when they know they are trusted.  Teachers expect trust too.  From parents, principals, the public.  We’re doing a hard job here that requires unique approaches to unique child and young adult personalities.  And just like the student, the teacher will respect school, district, state, and national leaders more when they are given trust.  Just ask a teacher to describe the best teaching experience they’ve had or hear of… it will invariably involve a great deal of trust from leadership.

Talent, Tenacity, Trust… Teacher

We are one of, if not THE, most talented group of professionals in the world.  We come from so many backgrounds and inspirational moments prompted by generations of talented educators.  We are some of the most tenacious adults in the world to stick with a job that demands so much but give so little in socially understood rewards like money and status.  We stick with it because we care about the learning and about the people we learn with and from. We are the most trusting adults that developing minds interact with on a daily basis and the most trusting adults to believe that our social leaders will have our best interests in mind as we keep our eyes on the prise… learning, always learning, everyone learning, loving learning.


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1 Response to The Talented, Tenacious, and Trusting… Teacher

  1. technology_tim says:

    I would agree that many of the most Talented people I know are Teachers, and sadly underestimated.

    Trust is important for all involved. I prefer to trust those around me, but at times find it difficult to trust the authority and believe that the “red tape” of educational politics are beneficial for Teachers, Administrators, and most importantly students.

    Tenacity in the face of so many obstacles is what keeps the Teacher going! Thanks for the reminder in tough times.

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