IWB Creativity and Collaboration

I have been doing a lot of training in the last month on how to utilize Promethean boards in an “interactive” way. This is what administrators tell me they want. Most administrators have never taught with one so I always end up asking them to more clearly define their expectations. Usually they put it on me to define what interactive means.

This is how I see it:

Interactive whiteboards are creation tools!  The educational expectations of the 21st century places creativity at the forefront. IWBs and the software that goes with it allow amazing creativity for the teacher to model and students to engage in as well. The trick here is to simply give students time at the board and time to create with the software.

Interactive Whiteboards and the software allows for collaboration! Another 21st century skill is that of collaboration. Collaboration works best when people share. I see this happen every day in my district’s Yammer network, at sites like Promethean Planet, and within schools as they meet in their Personal Learning Communities (PLCs). Sharing resources allow others to use what you’ve created and adapt it to their needs.

Now how do you apply this to the classroom and get student’s creating and collaborating? Two words, file sharing.  Using a wiki, dropbox, or any other file sharing service, give students access to presentation files.  Assign them to upload segments of the presentation.  Have them critique aspects of the presentation. Have them find presentations on a particular subject and then evaluate it on specific criteria… the options are limitless. What’s more is true content creation and collaboration involves an intense amount of critical thinking!

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