Are Twitter, YouTube, and Blogging for Educators?

In the last month I’ve spend a lot of time discussing the relevance of webtools in learning. Tim Smith and I have been presenting on 21st Century Learning Skills and Tools throughout the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the infographic: “What Happens Every 60 Seconds on the Internet“.  There are a lot of interesting numbers thrown out in it, but as we presented today, I found myself questioning just how relevant are these numbers to educators? So I pulled some data, made some educated guesses, and did a little math.  My work is the remainder of this blog.  Feel free to use this information the next time you are asked “why do I need to use are even know about Webtools?

Educators make up a fraction of the country… what is that fraction?  As of the 2008 census data: approximately 1% of the US population are K-12 teachers.   Now let us assume that one in ten teachers are contributing content to Twitter, YouTube, and/or Blogs.  That makes 0.1% of the US population is contributing educational content rekevant to K12.  So we take that 0.1% and apply it to the 98,000 Tweets and find that there are likely to be about 98 educationally relevant Tweets occuring in just one minute.  It may take two minutes for a relevant YouTube video to post and there would be 1.5 blog posts.  

So you may step back and say, but there is more than just the US contributing to these tools.  To which I say YES! There are!  But there are also more than just US K12 educators contributing.  When you consider that most developed countries are likely to use these tools and typically have more than 1% of their populations teaching at the K12 level, my data comes off quite conservitive.

Now lets expand that to a day.  In one day you will see approximately 140,000 educational tweets!  860 YouTube videos and 2200 blogs!  That is a lot of content.  Even if you want to be pickey about the quality of the educational content and demand relevance to your particular facet of K12 and say only 0.1% of the education content is relevant to your specific interests or 0.1% of 0.1% (1 in 10,000 posts), you would still find over a thousand Tweets, about 9 videos on YouTube, and 22 blogs in one day!

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1 Response to Are Twitter, YouTube, and Blogging for Educators?

  1. Timothy Smith says:

    Have you ever wanted DATA to answer: why do I need to use or even know about Webtools? #edtech This is another stellar bit of taking an infographic and extrapolating valuable content that is usable for my daily use of these tools. I appreciate the effort you put into thinking through and putting some data relevant to why I spend the hours I do “mining” Twitter and other social media sites. BTW the info comes off GREAT in a presentation….

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