‪RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us‬‏

This is a great presentation about the what actually motivates someone to perform better and have personal satisfaction. I really like how the use studies to prove that the traditional incentives of monetary rewards in the work place don’t work when truly creative and innovative work is expected. The acknowledgment of autonomy, mastery, and purpose are not applied to the common workplace.

Not lets apply this to the classroom. What do we motive student with? GRADES. The school is a culture of grade incentives. The currency of grades are what we use to motivate students to be creative and innovative students. We also have the 21st century learning mandates coming from learning authorities and social media alike that we need to be more creative and innovative. How will we address this? There are not many multiple choice activities on the internet today. That standardized test better start have some open-ended questions.

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